On “The Way to Santiago de Compostela” First day: Sarria

Well, I’m already here … in Sarria. In truth, five kilometers away, concretely. To go shortening step. I tell you, I’m going to do the last five stages of the French Way, which is that: 5 days, in 4 stages (my personal challenge). As the matter of fact it´s because I have to be working in Madrid on my radio program called “The last scream” next Wednesday. I began to work on this new job last week.

It all starts then on September 8, I came in car number 8 of the train and seat 8A, aswell. You know that in the Fenshui the “8” is synonymous with fortune, and if you did not know it, well, you know now! The fact is that it looks like very good signs … look what I had on the shirt of the guy who was in front of me  on the train!.


If you want something you will have to fight for it.

Well, that’s what I’ve come to do, and I’m on my way through “I have the purpose” my radio solidarity program. I have come dressed in a T-shirt and hat of the program and I have brought 200 stickers, to distribute them among the pilgrims that I meet, to stick them on the road posts… whatever! I know … all for the heroes of @tengo1proposito (I have the purpose). This is the name of the program that I lost last year.


Asun, Pablobiwankenobi’s mom already did “The Camino” this summer and she has lent me all the equipment. As I have not had to buy anything, I have invested everything in merchandising. Hehehehehehe!

The purpose is to get funding to put the radio program on air again. What I desire is to be able to be a speaker of such good and beautiful cause!


As for my mini pre-heating stage tell you that in the 5K from Sarria to Vilei (Barbadello) where my hostel is,  I have already proven the super customization of “The Way”. Even the sewers are scallop shells (*1) And, how not! the name of my hostel has the 8 on it: “108 to Santiago” Tomorrow I´ll make a photo of one of this sewers with scallop shell shape I’ve seen, that time I  had no light enough to.

For now I share these:


Hey followers!!!  Do not worry about me!!! These fantastic Galician hosts (galleguiños *2) are taking good care of me. As soon as I got off the train when I got to Sarria at 7pm, I was already sharing fantastic cold beers with José Antonio, a very nice man from the same Sarria who accompanied me to put my first seal on the credential (*3) in Sarria. We met in the train and already like of all the life …

Then he accompanied me to the entrance to “The Camino” and there he left me. As if I were Dorothy pilgrim of The Wizard of Oz, following yellow arrows, instead of yellow tiles…

Everyone is very kind and everyone wants you: Good Way! and they call you, pilgrim (“peregrino” for man and “peregrina” for female). How cool!

Tomorrow more! … and rain. But,I  brought a raincoat for me and my backpack.

Buen Camino, Peregrina! ¡Have a Good (safe) Way, Pilgrim!

(*1) The scallop is a characteristic shellfish from the coasts of Galicia. You will see it everywhere on “The Way”. The scallop shell is a symbol of pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela

(*2) Diminutive for galicians (term of endearment )

(*3) It´s the Document you carry along “The Way”, similar to a passport. You can get your stamps in restaurants, shops, Churches… You can find a sign saying: Stamp here!.  In this way, when you arrive to Santiago de Compostela, you demonstrate you did your Way. It’s necessary to walk, or horse-back/bike riding at least 100 kilometres long to become a pilgrim.

The same post in Spanish





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